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When comes to writing about this subject on New Technologies that emerge on
a daily basis
one must stop and think before writing a detail article on the subject.

Here's why?

By the epoch I finish writing about a few New Technologies and a few Gizmos that
one can
use on there mobile phone, there will be new marketing trends within a
few days.

This is where I will try my utmost best to explain how a few things work without
going to the
extreme but, where alternatives and importance will play a major
fact in deciding what to
use that will translate into more definitions and lots more
plans of action.

With that said, lets start of with #1 Data Science.

What is data science and how can someone use it.

Data Science is a combination and protean of more than two academic fields that
has a number of possible arrangements that will determine and include developing
strategies for analyzing data, exploring, preparing date and visualizing data by
deploying models into quite a few applications.

There are a few that come to mind when writing about this subject, e.g. Python and
R are just a couple of these fields that use scientific methods and algorithms and
systems to extract knowledge and insights across a broad range of applications
that are used on domains.

Data Science also uses theories and techniques from many fields like mathematics,
domain knowledge, computer science, information science and statistics, but in
saying that one must not confuse it with image data science and information science.

Someone that is in this field of work creates programming codes and then combines
it with statistical knowledge to formulate insights from information in visible advent.

The next one that I will write about is called #2 Digital Trust.

Firstly I will give you a runty description of it, followed by a slightly in depth recital.

Digital Trust is about confidence people have in technology that's used to create
a secure digital platform to remove as much as possible the problematic that is
associated with it.

Digital Trust is also about providing safety, reliability, privacy, data ethics, and security
with online programs plus multiple mobile devices.

One must really think, how much is in involved with Digital Trust.

Here are a few more things that need to be looked at, accessibility, responsibility,
transparency, ethics, control and privacy are just a few more things that come to mind.

Why is Digital Trust becoming even more important nowadays simply put, with the
economy becoming more reliant on connectivity with new technologies, being a so
called trustworthy platform that plays a real big part in our everyday life.

Also one must stop and think about these other dimensions that are used with Digital
Trust being, Experience, Attitudes, Behavior and Environment that benefits all.

People that do this kind of work are Software Engineers that specializes in Cyber
Security, Cryptography and Encryption just to name a few.

One last thing that you must understand about Digital Trust which is, there is a big
difference between one country to another country why? simply put specific cultural
conditions and situations plus many different types of circumstances.

The next one that I will write about is #3 Edge Computing.

Firstly one must have an understanding and a bit of knowledge about Edge Computing.

Edge Computing is all about the distribution of information technology in a architecture
way that the data is treated, prepared and refined at brim networks that use this
technology on a range of multiples devices and systems with lots of connections.

The great thing about Edge Computing is, it works better when the processing data is
closer to where it's being begot why? because greater speeds enable faster processing
and lots more volume to be handled and designate in a way that has more control, plus
it leads to real time results and action led, in addition to that it saves on bandwidth
consumption also.

What are the benefits of Edge Computing, for starts Reliability, Scalability, Resiliency,
it reduces Operational Costs, Privacy protections with Improved Security, it improves
Speed and reduces Latency, it eliminates data being move around from endpoints to
a cloud and then astern from it's endpoints again.

Why? is Edge Computing on the rise.

For starts processors are becoming more powerful than ever before, storage of data
is becoming cheaper, network access and performance is improving out of sight.

Another reason why? Edge Computing will continue to rise is, besides abeyancy Edge
Computing is esteemed over cloud computing in remote places of residence because
there is no connectivity or it's very limited to a centralized location.

That's why Edge Computing is fast becoming the adept solution when a mini data
center is required.

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